The PHILLY COMIX JAM is a loose gathering of cartoonists in the greater Philadelphia area who get together in a bar once a month, to draw comics and kibitz. We start at 8pm and tend to finish up at 11. Bring your own favorite drawing tool: fountain pen, rapidograph, brush pen sharpie etc. Paper is provided.

We work on comics “exquisite corpse” style where a cartoonist draws one or two panels then passes the page to another cartoonist then to another until the page is finished. The finished pages are posted on line.

Interested cartoonists can simply show up at meetings.

• Contact THEPHILLY COMIX JAM@GMAIL.COM for more information.

•Visit our FACEBOOK page. Will you be our friend?

• The PHILLY COMIX JAM is now hosted and organized by Brettzo and Dretime, and until 2010 was managed and hosted by Art Baxter with Steven Peters and Angela McQuillian..

Brett and Dre Photo By Angela McQuillan