Support Gary Friedrich, Boycott Marvel and Disney!

Illustration Courtesy the awesomely-talented Jay Piscopo!

Marvel/Disney never paid any royalties to the creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich. He took Marvel to court to get the royalties he deserves, and lost.  Now he owes Marvel 17,000 dollars after going to court.  T his is disgusting and heart-breaking!

Here is a list of links you want to check out.

Support Gary Friedrich Facebook Page.  Become a supporter.

Marvel: Stop Cheating Artists Out of Their Money. Characters are not created by companies, they are created by people.

Ghost Rider Creator Order to Stop Being The Ghost Rider Creator.“Marvel declined official comment regarding the case.”

Dear Nicolas Cage Petition.” Marvel winning a lawsuit against a financially destitute and unemployed senior citizen who helped create the iconic character”

The Magic of Marvel. Illustrated portrait of Marvel.

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